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Healthy teeth are of great importance for people. They give us a smile, help to be self-confident, and generally keep us in good health. Latest surveys demonstrated that a nice smile does not only facilitate friendly communication, but also prolongs our lives.

Unfortunately, teeth problems occur quite often today. Even young people suffer from caries and other pathologies. However, not only the people with toothache apply to dental clinics, but also those who value the preventive measures that help to avoid problems with teeth and with the overall condition of the oral cavity.

We offer a comprehensive solution to teeth and oral cavity problems. Forget about discomfort, unpleasant sensations or pain associated with dentistry. All that is in the past. State-of-the-art materials, cutting-edge techniques, high-quality equipment, minimum time and maximum result – this would be a good description to our dental clinic.


247760, Mozyr, 41а Internatsionalnaya str.

Bank Details:

settlement acc. No. 3632423007300 with Comprehensive Services Center No. 6

of the Directorate of Belinvestbank OJSC for Gomel Oblast, MFO 153001739

Tel./fax 8 (0236) 32- 65-75, 35-26-93

Tel. 8 (0236) 35-29-17, 35-09-58

Email: umgsp.by@tut.by


Certificates are issued upon applications every day from 8.00 am. till 8.00 pm., room No. 29.

Responsible executives:

  • head of Treatment and Surgical Section No. 1 Y.K. Mikhedov;
  • head of Treatment and Surgical Section No. 2 M.G. Kodol.
  • consultation;
  • efficient prevention, including teeth fluorination, professional oral cavity hygiene, teaching standard tooth brushing techniques;
  • efficient anesthesia with articaine-based anaesthetics;
  • aesthetic teeth restoration;
  • state-of-the-art canal filling techniques;
  • state-of-the-art filling materials;
  • all kinds of dentures (cerametallic, all-cast, bugel units);
  • periodontology (ultrasonic removal of dental sediments, smoothing, polishing, curettage, tooth splinting with RIBBOND system);
  • surgery (tooth removal, outpatient surgeries).

For those who value quality, we offer fee-based services at the rates established for state-owned clinics.


Head Doctor:
Valeriy Yakovlevich Tanyenya; 8(0236)326575
Reception hours concerning personal issues:
room No. 11, wednesday, 8.00 am.-1.00 pm.

Deputy Head Doctor:
Dmitriy Yevgenyevich Yankovskiy; 8(0236)350958

Head of Treatment and Surgical Section No. 1:
Yevgeniy Konstantinovich Mikhedov; 8(0236)327674

Head of Treatment and Surgical Section No. 2:
Marina Grigoryevna Kodol; 8(0236)327674

Head of Orthopedic Section:
Andrey Mikhaylovich Chayko; 8(0236)326092

Head of Children’s Dental Section:
Leonid Sergeevich Kodol; 8(0236)324362

Chief Accountant:
Natalya Gennadyevna Kupriyenko; 8(0236)352693

Human Resources Inspector:
Olesya Alekseevna Karpenko; 8(0236)327004